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Operation Serpens Operation Serpens Operation Serpens Operation Serpens

Operation Serpens is a fast paced action shooter with great arcade feel.
Join an elite unit that formed to dismantle the evil Snakes Organization.


  • Co-op multiplayer up to 4 players.
  • Single user campaign story with 3 difficulty levels.
  • Zombies survival horde mode.
  • Free locomotion, teleportation and room-scale.
  • Lots of guns, grenades, flashbangs and drones.
  • bHaptics support. Suit up!

Amazingly fun game with good humor to boot. Especially friendly towards users who have not gotten their VR legs yet because of the limited need for locomotion. My overall verdict is that it's one of the best Arcade style shooters on the platform.
Used to play lots of light gun arcarde back in the day, and this game really bring all those fond memories, but this time in VR and much more interactive
Khoa Do
I loved playing this game so much i had to make a review video for it :) The new Horde mode is amazing, waves of zombie attack and you start each round by picking up 2 weapons for each round. You can cilmb the frame/ monkey bars to move around which was a fun espect in its own right. The main story missions are also great fun and are very replayable, both myself and my partner have enjoyed playing this game. Everyone should have this installed i fully recommend this game