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Operation Serpens


In Operation Serpens you will join an elite squad that formed to dismantle the evil Snakes Organization. Operation Serpens is a shooting game in VR for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, the gameplay is very simple - just grab the weapons and shoot the enemies. There is no locomotion in the game so it's very comfortable. Each level will present a new challenge in a slightly different style. This is a non stop action game and you will need to constantly duck and hide to dodge the bullets, and eliminate hundreds of hostiles in a very short time. Overall you will get a great arcade feel, hilarious moments and a lot of fun.


Days from development start
Days to full release


Here you can find videos and images of the game's development beginning from the creation till it’s final stages. In addition you can find here reviews and feedback from amazing people who helped me to test the game and advised me on ideas for new levels. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me your feedback once you have played the game. Just write what you liked and what you didn’t like, what is missing, what is wrong and what needs to be improved, and also any ideas for new levels will be much appreciated. This will help me a lot to create a better game and I’ll be super excited to receive your feedbacks. Hope you’ll have fun playing Operation Serpens at least as much as I had creating it :)






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May 01, 2020
Development start

Jun 15, 2020
Level 1 release (Al Cobra - Safe House)

Jun 18, 2020
HQ is added + some improvements to level 1

Jun 30, 2020
Level 2 release (Lady Python - The Elevator)
Tons of improvements to level 1, Including holding the rifles with two hands.

Jul 1, 2020
Fix bug that bullets passing through walls
Support for seated mode (Grabbing weapons from distance, Rotate view and Auto height calibration)

Jul 15, 2020
Level 3 release (Gorgon - Junkyard)
Lots of improvements to levels 1 and 2, Including grenades, flashbangs, shields, recoil and slow motion (bullet time)

Jul 30, 2020
Level 4 release (Don Mamba - Hideout Raid)
Loading screens time improved from 1 minute to 5 seconds.
Auto holding guns with both hands.
New medkit item for healing your player.
Allow to enable/disable the tunnel effect while moving and rotating.
More improvements to the bullets dodging mechanism.
Grenade and flashband arming with the other hand or pressing on trigger button.
Real scope magnifier for the sniper rifle.
Larger spread for the shotguns.

Aug 15, 2020
Level 5 release (Viper - The Chase)
Visible hands posing over weapons and items
More improvements to recoil with both hands
Dual pistols has been added to levels 2 and 3 and a riot shield to level 3
Simulate weight of weapons on hands

Aug 30, 2020
Level 6 release (Kingsnake - Night Patrol)
Grenade impact range increased
Snap turning
Reloading by bringing the hand close to the waist
New style for player health and progress
More variations to gunshot sounds
New Weapons

Oct 15, 2020 - Full release
Level 7 release (Leviathan - High Tension)
Bootcamp (Tutorial)
Horde survival (Zombies)
New weapons
Spinning guns on finger
Holding items with the mouth (especially for climbing)