VR Arcade Shooter
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Operation Serpens Operation Serpens Operation Serpens Operation Serpens

Operation Serpens is a fast paced action shooter with great arcade feel.
Join an elite unit that formed to dismantle the evil Snakes Organization.


  • Co-op multiplayer up to 4 players.
  • Single user campaign story with 3 difficulty levels.
  • Zombies survival horde mode.
  • Free locomotion, teleportation and room-scale.
  • Lots of guns, grenades, flashbangs and drones.
  • bHaptics support. Suit up!

AWESOME ARCADE SHOOTER!!! Remember what it felt like to go to the arcade and put in a quarter or two and grab a gun and shoot at the screen. Well its that x100!! Immersive VR Experience!!! The animations are great and funny too, the game mechanics are simple to grasp at start. Overall an excellent shooter when you feel like killing time, not to mention a game to show off to your family and friends as their first VR Experience. Thank you GINRA TECH so much for bringing back that nostalgia of a simple yet awesome game shooter!!
The White Rabbitt
I seen this game in youtube, I insalted it for nephew , he is in military, but I need to try it first, i played it so much my headset battery died, so yea, really good game :D
This game is just insane. I’m a sucker for arcade like shooters and this is perfect. The level design had me moving around a lot. The gun mechanics is awesome too, the gun spin gives it an extras point. The difficulty is nice too, not too hard but kinda hard. So, final verdict is that this game is awesome!
John Sinkus