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Operation Serpens Operation Serpens Operation Serpens Operation Serpens

If you are looking for an arcade style shooter with loads of action, then this is the game to play!

In Operation Serpens you will join an elite squad that formed to dismantle the evil Snakes Organization. Each level will present a new challenge in a slightly different style. Show off your skills, eliminate enemies, avoid bullets and defeat them all!


  • Fast paced action game with great arcade feel.
  • Challenging without being impossible.
  • Lots of guns, grenades, flashbangs and hidden items.
  • Headshots, recoil, climbing and riot shields.
  • Single player campaign story.
  • Zombies survival horde mode with leaderboard.
  • Epic wave shooter with tons of funny moments.
  • Immersive VR Experience that is friendly towards new VR users.
  • bHaptics support. Suit up!

Exceptional arcade shooter. The aesthetics are great, with colorful characters and locations, loads of environment detail, and good audio. Weapons are varied and feel good, and the relentless focus on heavy action feels very in line with classic Area 51 style gun games. A decent complexity level without *too* much to keep track of, and plenty of variety between the mission locations and the zombie mode. This is an easy recommendation for the price. If it sounds like your jam, pick this up.
Eric Leslie
This game is great! The gameplay works great, the feel of the game is great, the enemys are great, and the teamates do nothing lmao. If you are looking for a shooting/hoard game, this is a great game to try. I really love this game a lot and if you're trying to decide whether or not you should get this, I'd recommend you do!!
I’m a heavy FPS player on consoles. I still have to really fall in love with a FPS game on the Quest, but having experienced Operation Serpens have given me a fun and enjoyable game play that within its quirkiness and low poly style still provides great VR shooting experience. I honestly recommend this game to anyone and I’m glad that creators are given this great opportunity to release their games using sideQuest.
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