In Operation Serpens you will join an elite squad that formed to dismantle the evil Snakes Organization. Operation Serpens is a shooting game in VR for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, the gameplay is very simple - just grab the weapons and shoot the enemies. There is no locomotion in the game so it's very comfortable. Each level will present a new challenge in a slightly different style. This is a non stop action game and you will need to constantly duck and hide to dodge the bullets, and eliminate hundreds of hostiles in a very short time. Overall you will get a great arcade feel, hilarious moments and a lot of fun.

Here you can find videos and images of the game's development beginning from the creation till it’s final stages. In addition you can find here reviews and feedback from amazing people who helped me to test the game and advised me on ideas for new levels. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me your feedback once you have played the game. Just write what you liked and what you didn’t like, what is missing, what is wrong and what needs to be improved, and also any ideas for new levels will be much appreciated. This will help me a lot to create a better game and I’ll be super excited to receive your feedbacks. Hope you’ll have fun playing Operation Serpens at least as much as I had creating it :)



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Jun 15, 2020
Level 1 release (Al Cobra - Safe House)

Jun 18, 2020
HQ is added + some improvements to level 1

Jun 30, 2020
Tons of improvements to level 1, Including holding the rifles with two hands.
Level 2 release (Lady Python - The Elevator)

Jul 1, 2020
Fix bug that bullets passing through walls
Support for seated mode (Grabbing weapons from distance, Rotate view and Auto height calibration)

Jul 15, 2020
Level 3 release (Gorgon - Junkyard)

Jul 30, 2020
Level 4 release

Aug 15, 2020
Level 5 release

Aug 30, 2020
Level 6 release

Sep 15, 2020
Level 7 release

Sep 30, 2020
Bonus level: Horde mode






hey so after playing it alittle, its really good. maybe a little hard on the very first stage, but its a good game. also sometimes the sub captions gets in the way and i cant see. but other than that its really fun

Pretty polished graphics, I like the bullet smoke effects. It's nice to play titles that are more polished from sidequest but I feel like this game needs more to make it stand out from Crisis Vrigade. Here are some criticisms:
I wish there was more reward for killing so many baddies all at once, sometime it just felt like a grueling onslaught more than me making progress. Maybe add some power-ups like slow-time (make doging easier), laser sights, or some kind of shield.
It'd be easier to dodge the bullets if they were more noticeable (this is more due the the quest's resolution because the bullets are so small). I think since dodging is part of the gameplay there should be more focus on being able to avoid bullets.
This might be personal but the amount of time needed to kill all the baddies made my arms tired, especially with the assault rifles. Maybe add some more intervals between waves, this is a nit-picky suggestion though.
Keep up the good work, I always loved arcade shooters growing up and this gives something similar.

Hi just played the game
really enjoyed the mechanics and the graphics
if i had to provide vonstructive criticism i think that your life should have a way to be filled like maybe killing particular enemies that have life on them and  i found some bad guys hard to see to the left and right of the door shooting at me also i wish i could grab some of the guns the users have when i kill them but fun game

So I finally had a chance to play the new version I love what you did with the first level makes it so much more fun and I already liked it a lot adding ability to turn around was great as far as the second level way too many enemies and too long for each floor as I was shooting it seemed to go on forever like it was in a loop and literally made my hand start to hurt took the fun out of it as I was like how long is this going to go on for mind you I wasn't dying I was shooting the guys and doing well but then literally started to get annoyed that it kept going on for so long also it's really cool people are trying to sneak by on the second floor but the way they come in they walk right in front of your bullets I don't know how you would avoid them there should be some type of warning one even stood there as I waited for him to continue to sneak by I hope you know this is all constructive criticism I'm not trying to be rude you wanted feedback I'm giving you honest feedback and so far it seems to be working well 👍

Awesome implementation of my recommendations. ❤️
All levels:
Return to menu options needs to be implemented, by using the menu button on the left controller.
Add skip talking option by pressing A, rather then wait for the audio and animation to finish between each speech.
Add tracer fire 3D audio if possible for the bullets that near misses you.
For bullets hitting player, at a grunt sound ‘ah’ or something along those lines.
Have a difficulty option, buy reducing the number of enemies or shooting health boxes for recovery.
Reduced enemies
Add limited health boxes
Add limited health boxes
Special forces:
As is.
Each hit taken reduces 10% health
For bullets hitting players head, change colour to red and slowdown that bullet speed so player can dodge, if the player doesn’t dodge 20% health reduced.
Level 2:
Nowhere to hide for cover, place buttons on the side of lift, when player shoots that button doors close halfway for 1 seconds then reopens.

Level one rocks... That guy popping up in front of the balcony!!!... Love the feel of the guns...
Ducking down and up is nice... Maybe have people shoot from passing vehicles...  Maybe have hostages appear at windows and lose points if you hit them... Overall mechanics seem great... Could add different scenes like with police VRigade... Could I make a little video of gameplay to promote it? (I do this with games that I like)
Potential for a great game... We need to get it to the next level... Will send you a link to anything I create... Only positive vibes... You got some talent there 🙂
I passed... Will try level 2 tomorrow... Wanted my kids to try level one as well... 🙂... It's my son in the picture
Ooohhh... Looks like good just became great 🙂... Can't wait

Just finished the game, had a blast. And I wrote my review. It was definitely harder then I thought it be, great job

So first off I had a blast. The game runs really smooth and the guns work well, I had no problems. I wasn't really a fan of the character models at fist but that could just be because I usually go for a realistic look. They had some funny animations. I love that it's can get intense and you can dodge bullets well in a epic gun fight. Level design and the well it fills reminds me of the old arcade games but in VR. I see this becoming a really great game can't wait to see all that comes of it. 5 stars. I wouldn't mind a zombie mode in the future maybe, it's fine if not though.

i really enjoyed this game it wolud be awsome if it had pvp and coop keep up the good work

it's awesome! just got it working. now my 12 year old is playing
"it's so detailed!" is what he just said.
i'll keep the comments coming.
what did you make it in? and why not on the oculus store?
Ahh. My son is loving it
Nice work
Very cool
That’s me 🙂
I was up in the elevator and then shot the girl civilian walking by. Which level is that?
After killing everyone while hiding behind the cart in the elevator
Only suggestions from my son so far:
- med pac or regenerate some health when crouching down for a while
He said ‘it’s really fun’

Good shooting game and enjoyable... I had some issues with the "crouch" & positioning. If that can be improved. Otherwise a great enjoyable game....also not sure if there is anyway to hold on to the weapon without constantly pressing the grip button.

Played through level 2 now. It was a challenge! The scope of the sniper in level 1 is awesome. Nice addition.
I noticed that if I am hiding, and if the enemy hits my gun, my health goes down.
Is this a bug? Or is the gun designed as an extension of the body that we need to protect from enemy bullets?
No, hits on the weapon is good; it increases the challenge. I just wanted to know if it was designed that way.
Suggestion: what do you think about adding a few perks (example: killing 10-15 enemies without getting hit will grant you x-ray vision goggles for a few seconds).
That was my next suggestion, the grenades.
Looks like you have a great vision for the game!
Let me check the video
Wow that 360 level looks so cool.

My son completed the second level! He did it in 3 times. He thought it was a bit difficult the first time, but he made it the third time so it was not to hard! He really liked it. I’ll follow you on Facebook!

Hello Itzkik!  I just finished playing your game.  The only thing I noticed is that the Player is still able to shoot thru the wall.  You may need to set up a collider to avoid the Player from cheating and just shoot thru that way.  The one bulllet reload on the sniper rifle is challenging for sure!  May be add in a few more civilians in the 1st floor off 2nd level to make it extra challenging.  I think they only came out during the beginning of the level.  You had more civilians come in and out from the 2nd floor.  Overall, great wave shooter.  Have you set a price range yet?

I thought the game was pretty good.  I would have liked more cover in the elevator but I could have probably moved around more.  Mechanics seemed good.  Nothing bugged out while I was playing.  Ill give it another play to dive deep into it.  Solid game though.  Good job

finally got this to share! operation serpens is a cool game and looks like it'll definitely be one to check out when finished! i've given feedback to the developer and he actually added my suggestions! check this one out and make sure to give feedback! it will be considered.

Hi Itzik,
Sorry for the delay coming back to you. Firstly I’d like to say the first level is now really good, love the tweaks. It also seemed a little harder which isn’t a bad thing. Love the details.
Level two,
The first lift stop is good although very manic, it would have been good to have office staff walk past on this stop to keep me thinking instead of just letting loose with the machine guns but still really fun.
Second lift stop is perfect, a good mix of enemies and civilians and caught me out shooting a good guy.
Third and final stop, love the girls on entrance to put you off. Again very good level and an appearance from the boss, only comments on this would be.... possible energy bar to show her damage, maybe she reacted more when shot, I know she yelped a little bit more effect would be good. Also maybe something to duck behind to defend like in level one?
Otherwise this is turning into a fantastic game, and I built up a sweat playing and ducking at the window.
Hope this helps
Level three looks good! I love the reloading it’s much better then having to physically insert a mag like other games. It’s a proper arcade style game

Oh, yeah, I finished it last night.
It was pretty hard! But fun
Overall, I like it. As I said the control button should be remap. And the sounds on the first level should be repeated less. These are pretty much it.
Thank you for making the game!

I like : arcade game for everyone , you don't need to have experience to play it ,
The only thing that a dislike but it's because I play a lot of VR it's the reloading of the guns but if it's more realistic the game is not going to be arcade
Maybe you can had healthpack hidden in the game ( behind something or in something) or drop by enemy.
That's my feedback after only 30min of gaming
Thank you and you are doing very great ! ( Sorry for my bad English )

So great effort
Thank you for develop this awesome game
I have only two demands as a gamer please
1- I need to be able to walk through the environment specially on level 2
It doesn't make any sense to stay the whole time inside the elevator without protection
2- you please add a way to enable me check if I am close to die (life bar%) like a watch on the hand or anyway else and maybe away to fill it back by eating or drinking something
But still amazing work and great graphics and great mechanics also
It reminds me of crisis vrigade
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to try it
I will write a very good review on sidequest tomorrow
Because you deserve that 💯❤️

Finally beat level 1 🙂 Shooting the boss is kind of funny, as he just walks out like a zombie. Love the machine guns. Level 2 was insane... I wound up dual yielding the 2 machine guns and holding down the trigger while repeatedly hitting the reload button, and it pretty much kept going with only a few studders.
I think I noticed one or two pullets in Level 1 coming through the wall. Would like some more feedback when I get hit an dhow much life I have left.

Hello, i played your game a bit yesterday so here is my comments so far. I like it but it´s hard! I didn´t like the start with the sniper since i don´t like weapons you have to use your both hand with, always hard to get a good feeling but when you later use the automatic rifle it feels much better, The graphics could of course be better but when the game is fun that really dont matter. Maybe i´m doing it wrong or maybe i´m just bad at it but when i start using the automatic rifle i have maybe 30-40% life left and dies after a while, no clue how long this stage is but i will play it soon again. It would be nice to either be able to get more life or at least knowing how much of the stage that is left, right know i have no clue how close i am of getting to next stage
I finally came to level two...great fun but only made the first floor and had just over 20% life left...a bit of sound lagging on this level...but i only tried it once...will play some more soon...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to try it out yesterday. Very cool. Fun graphics, and decent gameplay. A few nits... 1. To start out you have to go through the captains commentary each time. Would be nice to be able to skip past it and get into the action. I also noticed while "crouched" I was getting hit with bullets. That shouldn't be (Maybe have your crew shot and after the last one, have a grenade or something lobbed in to kill you for avoiding the entire combat sequence. I also had some issues with the crouching. (I thought I hit a bug where it recentered me below the window. Then I read the poster on the wall with the controls.)
In regards to being shot while ducking, I got all the guys on the roof, and was only being fired at from the ground, but was still getting hit when crouched.
Other than that, It's a neat little fast-action shooter!

Hi Itzik, what a great little game. It’s good fun, And addictive.  I would change some of the gun sounds, as they don’t quite fit with the weapon.. I can send you over some I have ( I have thousands !! ) I will match the guns to a sound effect.. but otherwise I love it. Hope you and the family are staying well in these weird times .

Hello, here to give some first thought. I played the first level, it is very hard for me though, haha. Probably because my skill is bad. But I think the sound is a bit annoying “need help over here” and some others. They were repeated too many time in my opinion. And the crouching and the reset view buttons are confusing. I don’t think the reset view button should be there, it should be bind to the thumb stick button or in the menu somewhere. And thumb stick rotation would be a great option to have as well.
Overall, great first impression. And I think there’s a lot of potential for this game! I enjoy it!
Thanks for making it
will spend more time on the game and give you some more feedbacks.

Hiya buddy, iv only been able to play the first so far, it's a great game from what I have seen. Looking forward to trying the 2nd level

Hi! I had a great time playing your game and think it's off to a great start. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I'm a design director (for live work) and am sort of a sucker for notes and feedback, so I hope you don't mind that I wrote a bunch of things down.
I don't know much about the technical aspects of creating a vr game, so most of my notes will be story and character based.
Technically, the sizes of characters and their designs is really interesting. I really enjoyed the cartoon-y style. Especially of the guys hanging out in the first room. I loved the guys laughing on the couch in the corner!  I think you really have an opportunity to show some sort of items you maybe wouldn't expect to see in that room. This is obviously a space this platoon has taken over, so maybe there are some remnants of the past tenants hanging around?
I would also love it if your first shot broke through the glass of the window so you could shoot more clearly. A small detail but would help create a sense of space.
I also wondered why the other characters had much bigger hands than I did. Maybe it would be fun to create those huge cartoon hands for our character as well.
Speaking of our character, who am I? Am I a new recruit? If so, where did I come from? What is my character's name? I would love to learn all that in the tutorial. I feel like details like that could help set this apart from Crisis Vrgade and Triton and bring us more into the Facebook curation discussion.
I am sure you are aware, but I wanted to bring up the often discussed (to a fault) ludonarrative dissonance. The action of shooting in Serpens is really great. The guns have weight and the aim is pretty awesome, my issue is, why am I shooting? Who is Al Cobra? Why does he have 100 men standing around in windows? His soldiers look like my soldiers but then we see him and he's sort of like this thin little crackhead kind of guy. Has he been ruining the neighborhood? If so, can we see how the neighborhood has deteriorated with him in it? Maybe it's a dossier we receive on the guy or our Captain that trains us can give us a brief run down of who all these bad guys are and what they have done. I just played a few levels of Covert Ops on Quest and one way it really succeeds is in it's word salad of why we are at this Russian Base in a kayak. It's sort of stupid, but the buy in is 100% because I know exactly what Russians have done and why we need to get back in there and paddle to a radio tower and shoot it!
Same thing with the elevator level. I really like the way you can dodge behind doors and have access to all those guns, but why are there civilians there while the guys in full body armor are shooting at me? I'm sure a reason can be made, I just don't know yet.
The last point I wanted to make was about the voice actors. You have an opportunity to introduce us to some really gripping characters just through their voices, so don't skimp with that. Get 1 or 2 trained actors to try out those characters and a real slick recording studio and it'll make a big difference.
I am happy to talk more about this if you'd like. I know these might seem a bit ramble-y but I can definitely go into more detail if you want or need.
Thanks for the opportunity and I'd love to speak more about it in the future!
Keep going!

Ok played your game today for alittle bit. I enjoyed it. Pretty cool..i got to the ak47 gun I think it is...pretty cool concept there's alot of bad guys which makes it challenging. I like how you can croutch down and reload.
The girl walking around the block is a really nice touch...watched her walk by for a minute 😂😂😂
I plan on playing it some more later to see if I can get further...i had it to where I shot a guy climbing up the building.

great concept, very fun wave shooter
some things I think you can tweak involve audio -- like the popping noises of the smg is too repetitive and sounds like a snare, I think it was also set disproportionately a bit loud
and the more that can be added to set a new rhythm to the game, the better.   Maybe stuff like new cues to take in -- stuff like hollering hostages, bad guys commenting about how they're running out of reinforcements
Also thought there was a great job done on the weapons - sniper scope especially stood out
Think that's the gist of what I thought, hope that's helpful

Just played it mate. Really challenging. Graphics are great and the movement of the weapons is great.

So I played the lift level, it was definitely a lot harder then the 1st level il say, didnt find any flaws in the level and like how you've added the ability to grip the fore weapons nicely done on that, I did lose the first time playing but think that was before I noticed the 2nd assult rifle to the left of the lift doors, grabbed that and went full god mode, very well done on the level Itzik, can't wait for more 👍👍 p.s loved the brunette on last lift part in the crop top my man you are treating us lol
Dont know what happened then on that reply lol was meant to write I seen your latest video on facebook and looks good, also looks more harder then the elevator lvl, I like how it's a full 360 level too, I'm guessing that's the 3red level, also I see you have an arcade machine in the main lobby area, are you planning on incorporating that into the game like for players to possibly teleport over to it and play a basic game on it, ?

I jus played it and loved it. My only thing is in the elevator there’s ain’t that many places to hide. And the health we need some health replacement. Like if you shoot enough people some health pop out you can shoot and get. I’m about to jump back in I’ll let you know

The enemies spawn with better pacing, it's a bit harder but more challenging so that's fine. Gun sounds like the ak are improved alot. 2 handing weapons works well. The machine gun you get in the elevator is a little loud, don't know if that's by design because you are in an elevator or not. Sniping is fine only you should be able to empty the mag with reloading manually after each shot without putting in a new mag every time.

Wow it’s looking really good now and graphic as well but yu can fix the way yu holding guns and maybe local motion.,, very nice job. I love it

Really like your game so far... or at least it got a lot of potential. I just hope you will improve the gameplay. Adding mire challange like a real reasin to dodge :))

love this game fun arcade shooting cant wait for level 3

For me graphic is drawn with nice style but gameplay is dull. Just my opinion.


Hey I finaly got a chance to test your game and play all the current levels. First thoughts are I loved it and cant wait to see more levels guns and maybe even some more sniping. To be a good review tho I do have to tell some of the flaws; sometimes I would get shot through walls unexpectedly. (This one could be intentional) the guns blew up after I finished the 1st and 2and floor of the elevator levels. There not alor of variety of where guys come out or how they attack (this one isnt that big I deffinitialy think what you have is a great game and I dont really think that this would make a huge difference but it would be cool to see maybe in upcoming levels. As for the gun mechanics you did an awsome job it really made me feel like a real soldier firing and being able to reload with a button (which I think is a really great way too do it especialy for a game like this)
Some suggestions might be; letting players pump the pump shotgun (just cause that always makes you feel awsome), more sniper levels, get rid of the crouch button, grenades would be a cool addition to the game.
And that's all thanks for letting me try it out it was a spectacular game and I cant wait to play the update

Alright. I tried the game, (finally, sorry for the wait. It's been hectic recently.) I couldn't even pass the first level. The guns feel awkward with how their positioned relative to my controller. Also, having to go through the beginning dialogue every time you die can get somewhat annoying when you've heard it three times before. Your game has potential though despite it's flaws.

thats so dope!
i still havent beaten the 2nd one yet hahaha. i also really like that u aDDED the 2 handed weapons. maybe give the shotgun a bit more ammo? great job tho

looks nice, more difficult of 1st level, nice the elevator idea. I just noted a small audio bug, in order to replicate it try to:
- 2nd leve
- use both machine guns (left and right hand)
- shot and recharge in the same moment with both hands.
audio isn't syncro, looks like have an issue playing the same sound 2 time in the same moment.

Hi, I have been playing this game for the past couple days and I think this game is amazing, this is incredibly fun. I have, however, notices a couple of flaws. I have noticed, if you have a big enough play space, you can walk through the elevator walls in the second mission and essentially become invincible. It was also very unclear to me when I was fighting the person you were looking for. The game felt like it just ended with much conflict. Maybe if that person was a "final boss" of some sort, that could fix that. Maybe the boss would have a lot of heath or be incredibly fast or something, with very few other enemy's on screen. That way you would actually be fighting the boss instead of the game just ending. Also, I feel like the game lasted a bit too long. In the second mission, the first floor lasted far too long without much change. I got bored half way through. You could improve this element by shortening the amount of enemy's you need to kill in order to progress. On a different note, the weapons didn't feel great, if you look at a game like Pavlov, if you pull the trigger, you get recoil. In this game, you pull the trigger and nothing happens, I like the quick reloads but the lack of recoil makes 2 handed weapons pointless, because you can just one hand them with no punishment. One final issue, the combat didn't seem to take advantage of the quests wireless freedom, I would love if enemy's would attack from all sides to keep the player on their toes. On a final note. This game is really fun, I like the story but some of the game play could be improved. Let me know if I can help with anything else

Yeah it’s good. I do like reloading manually though but it’s a good concept man
Maybe download contractors on sidequest and take some notes from that game regarding gun mechanics

I love games like this where you need to duck and hide. Can't wait to see the full version.

Amazing game! really well made. fun to play and makes you want more. I cannot wait to see what it will become.

Apologies for the late feedback but I tried the game and it’s great. The concept is good and the levels are challenging. Very few bugs
One bug I noticed is you take damage even while ducked under cover
Also you’re not able to rotate the sniper rifle in your hands by twisting your hands I don’t know if that makes much sense
But overall amazing work and great game

i think that’s it’s really good. but there’s only 2 things i would change
first is telling the player about the ability to crouch in the intro because i really didn’t find out about that feature until after when i was in the range
and second is the speed of the ak. i think that it’s a little too fast for the game play but if you want to you can just keep it at the speed it’s at right now. i would recommend that it slows down a little bit

i cant wait for this to be finished
this is increidbly fun

Ok so i played both levels that are available. A lot of fun. Both levels i couldnt finish on the first try
First level took 4-5 tries. 2nd level took 2 tries
I didnt notice the 2nd assault rifle the first time playing the 2nd level.
It was hidden behind the box
First level i had a harder time with the dual pistols. Which is weird because i play pistol whip everyday dual wheeled and im spot on
I kept shooting the power line wires lol
What do u mean. On the second level when the gun breaks after the elevator moves up?
I actually liked that. I used 2 assault rifles on the first level. Second i used the shotgun and assault rifle
3rd level i used the handgun and shotgun.
This was on my second run and i completed it
I think if u move the assault rifle from behind the box. It would make it easier
I think its balanced. U dont want it too hard that people dont want to play
I do like that u have a boss at the end of the second level
I’ll have to play it more.... but i didnt notice if i have a health meter
Ok i just missed it. There is a lot going on when the action starts that u dont even look at it
I gotta say. It is a lot of fun to play
I would have liked a boss at the end of the first level. I really enjoyed that on the second level. Reminded me of old school games
Was there a health meter for the boss? I didnt notice
It is a lot of fun. Something i would def pick up
Thank u for putting it out there to be tested

Me and my 9yr old daughter tried the first level yesterday. I liked it, really well done. She had a lot of trouble with the single shot sniper rifle being the first weapon. I missed not having a scope and wouldn't make it the first weapon. Missed not being able to grip the guns with the second hand too. But the game is fun and nice visuals.

Hi, I just finished 15 min session: congrats! great idea, excellent game play, love the idea to do a shotgame avoiding the motion sickness. UI is nice, UX also. Graphic is good, indie games styles.
For now I didn't find any negative aspect. probably could be nice have an indicator about healt, and some visual effect when people shot me.
well done!

Ok I freaking love it can't wait to play more. With the other levels is it going to be same environment? Also the one thing I would do is make it so you can hold the weapons with both hands to make it more realistic. Dude other then that I love!!
Keep me updated with any updates or changes.
Thanks so much for this awesome game.

Hi, Ok so I had a quick play through last night and I have to say I really enjoyed it I will play some more over the weekend.
Obviously you are still working on it and things like life bars and taking hits I assume are to come but I love the graphics it's nice to have a shooter that isn't so graphic that my 9 year old couldn't play it.
I like the shooting range and the fact there are plenty of levels to come. Will the future levels be set in different locations ? Also I would add the level baddie as an end of level boss with some sort of special weapon, think Army of Two and that's the sort of thing i'm talking about.
Would I buy this game with those additions ? Yes I would
Thank you for letting me have access  and being able to give you some feedback I hope it's helpful. If you would like me to continue testing please let me know.
Oh and keep up the great work, we need more games for the quest !!

i think that’s it’s really good. but there’s only 2 things i would change
first is telling the player about the ability to crouch in the intro because i really didn’t find out about that feature until after when i was in the range
and second is the speed of the ak. i think that it’s a little too fast for the game play but if you want to you can just keep it at the speed it’s at right now. i would recommend that it slows down a little bit

What I like :
- The room with military people, feel nice
- Style
- Tutorial
- Ennemies coming to our window, what a surprise! fun
- The mission (Kill a target )
What I dislike:
- Too much ennemies and life, level design and balance need to be improve. We fire all the time, we don't care.
- We can't really hide (look at what Crisis Brigad doing)
- our target should be the boss, the last one we kill. I don't understand, he was on our building?
- Ennemies and friends looks bigger than the player. (but it's ok)
Keep going, it's a really good start. I like what your are doing. I will look at next updates
I forgot to tell you, I had a bug when y try to see beyond the window. Hard to describe, the image was really buggy, a lot of squares. I quit the game and restart but the bug was still there. I tried to record video it for you, but this action fix the bug for some reason.

Haha you’re good, I actually played it last night. First level was pretty good, I liked the:
- enemy deployment patterns
- duel guns
- the different guns
- length of the level
It sounds like you’re already working on the next main things to make it better, like two-hand holding on the rifles, scope on the sniper, I think those two things would really make it great. Only other things I would consider:
- different weapons on certain enemies (automatic rifles, RPG‘s, etc.)
- May be a difficult enemy or scenario for the end of the level (boss battle, hostage situation, etc.)
- grenades (or something that explodes?)
The level was fun, let me know when you get the next level!
Also will the next level be at a different location? It would be cool if you had levels in famous world locations, lake France, or Hong Kong.
Thanks for letting me test it👍 -Chris

Hello and good day Itzik!  Just finished testing out your game.  LOVED IT! How many levels and scenes have you created?  Its a very simple game so everyone should enjoy this.

ok ive played your game it was really great but i have some things
manual loading should be an option too choose
the ar really fun
but way too easy
the soldiers when they come from the bottom you cant see them and your other soldier is shouting and you dont know why(edited)
the graphic design on the characters inside could be better
and there should be a hard mode
i maybe have a ton of complaints but i really liked the game
maybe a idea
i would really like too see a mall level
also the serpent at the beginning looked really good
if you have any thought about this please say it
and def ask me again if new levels come out!
thats it for now

yes i think the game is pretty fun for it being only one level but one thing i wish was being able to grab the weapon with two hands

I really liked it, felt like a modern take on a shooting gallery, or a “stay in place” time crisis, though I do have a few suggestions:
A wave progress bar would be nice, the third wave was pretty long, and I didn’t see a few guys at first who had spawned on the right hand side of the street until actually sticking my head out the window. If not that, maybe highlight them after a few moments?
I dropped the sniper rifle through the window sill - I tried to set it on it, and it fell to the void below.
I expected a forward grip with the sniper rifle, my left hand was just kinda useless. It makes sense to not have dual grip with the dual pistols, but not with the rifles - though dual wielding the pistol and the assault rifle was a blast (though it could be achieved even if the rifle had an optional forward grip).
I feel like the guns should have “some” recoil. The sniper rifle needs reloaded frequently so I think it’s ok, but it’s needed for the pistols and the assault rifle. The pistols felt like laser guns, where I could just keep putting bullets through the same spot repeatedly. It seems like the AR just fires in a small cone with some random variance, but still fairly tightly packed right now.
My only other criticism is the sound effects, especially the assault rifle. Currently it just sounds like a mixture of firecrackers and a (GAU-8 Avenger) - the report is wrong for a small caliber firearm, and the pitch is off for a rifle of that caliber.
Overall, though, I’m excited to come back to it when more stages drop! I really enjoyed it, despite being a bit nit-picky, and feel like this has some pretty great potential!

Hi, first impressions are great! I like shooting gallery type games. Here's some feedback from me:
Visuals: - Really like the style, I think it works well on the Quest! - Sometimes the dead enemies didn't fall down completely, so it looked like they were still alive.
Dialog/Text: - I had some issues with the depth of the text, it was as if the text was further away than the wall, but at the same time it was showing up on top of the wall. - It says "Crouth" instead of "Crouch" in the instruction poster.
Life/Health: - Did not notice that there was a life % in the beginning, so thought I was "invincible" in this demo. Then I saw there was a health percentage in the corner. I think this could maybe be a little bit more visible. - I think it could be more visible when the player receives damage.
Shooting: - Works ok, but I think it would better with some more feedback when shooting and when you're empty.
Gameplay: - Not sure what happened at the end, when the "Boss" came out? It felt a bit anticlimatic. Perhaps would be better with some sort of more victory animation or sound that indicates that the game was won.

Wow!! Awesome game. Those soldiers jumping into your window do give you a scare.
Awesome game. The reloading took a bit to get use to it. So far, I think your game has been the only I have tested to use X/A as reloading.
Maybe use a movement action to reload it, similar to what “Robo Recall” does.
In the game, if you bring the gun close to your legs, it gets reloaded.

Hello, the game was a blast. But there is one thing that i feel might make it better. First limited ammo on the ak. It just was way to powerful i feel. Other then that there were some super small details but its a great game

hey! just got one playing the mission. super fun. i can see this being a must have shooter. the “jump scare” when the guy pops in front of the window really got me but i loved it.
my only critique is the placement of the hand is a little off. not too bad but i could tell when i rotated my wrist. quickly got used to it tho.

Operation Serpens the shooter on SideQuest (beta 1st level)
History and Gameplay Operation Serpens
The game offers you to join a team of snipers to put an end to the different groups of criminals that plague your city. However, this is a solo FPS, even if your teammates seem to be participating, they don't kill anyone.
You start the game in the room of a building with an intervention team. The team captain explains your first mission to you: massacre all the villains of the first gang. From your position, you can see the street and the building opposite with its many windows (and its roof).
In this first level of the beta version launched for free on SideQuest, you will learn how to use different weapons:
sniper rifle (1 shot)
pistol (12 shots)
Machine gun (30 rounds)
pistol with silencer (6 shots)
The game clearly emphasizes simplicity and fun , it is about shooting everything that moves (and especially everything that shoots you). The handling of weapons and ultra simple:
major to grab the weapon
trigger to fire
“A” button to reload
Here, no ammunition to take at the belt, charger to empty or dog to arm, one click and your charger is refilled. The shots are very intuitive and very fast. We have fun without thinking or putting a strategy in place. You can of course use two weapons at the same time , even a sniper rifle with a revolver.
Quality of graphics and audio
A good surprise, the characters on your team are rather funny and your captain, even if he speaks to you in English and perfectly clear in his words. Textures management is well taken into account. Thus, if you shoot an opponent behind an element of the scenery, you make an impact on it and do not hit your target. We are in a comic book style which adds a simple, colorful and pleasant aspect.
The shooting range is pretty well done and really allows you to practice aiming. I liked the principle of rolling back the target when we aim in the middle. And conversely that it advances if we miss the center. Quite addictive, we want to put the target at the end of the corridor. Here an efficiency score is displayed as a percentage on the right in the stand.
In terms of music and soundtrack, we pay little attention to it since you spend your time shooting and being shot. So the sound is a series of bullet noises.
Studio Itzik Goldman
In fact, this is an independent developer who made his own quiet game on his own. Very encouraging result for this launch which lasts about twenty minutes (several sequences in the street, then access to your HQ and to the training stand). Itzik plans to add a new level every 15 days.
The ideas of evolution
For my part, I will add in priority the fact of being able to use the second hand to hold the barrel of the rifles and gain in accuracy of shooting.
There is a marking in the left frame of the window which indicates your standard of living and your percentage of targets hit by your shots. In addition, to display it in the field of vision, I would put a point system for each opponent shot with an algorithm like 1 point in the body, 2 points in the head and x2 if killed on the first shot. Thus, we would get a score in each game to try to improve the next one (or compare to other players).
Obviously, a multiplayer mode (even limited to two) would be a real plus. Everyone posted at a window and be able to talk to each other to distribute the targets or the area to be monitored.
Operation Serpens Reviews
Gameplay - 60%
VR immersion - 75%
Graphics - 65%
Audio - 65%
Value for money - 100%
Operation Serpens
I had a lot of fun doing this first level three times, clearly we have fun, we let off steam. The graphics are well done and the actions are very simple. No harm in VR since we remain in a static position, the enemies arriving from the front (but from all sides).
A perfect game to learn solo FPS without taking the head. So yes, the game could gain realistic gameplay by adding more complex handling of weapons as well as ballistics, but the only thing I really missed is to be able to hold rifles or machine guns in both hands. Good news, this is already under development and will be added with the release of level 2.

So just played the first level, the graphics are nice and smooth, kind of reminds me of sniper vr that I played on the psvr only the characters on your game are a lot more better looking and not looking like something out of minecraft all blocky like in sniper vr, love the fact you can learn right out the window ( that's when I noticed the hot chick in white shorts shaking her rear) as she walked down the street lol, the sounds were good as was the look of the weapons, my only draw back with the guns is that you cant hold the rifles with two hands, besides that though I thought it was great and left me wanting to play the next levels. Well done mate, your definitely onto something here 👍👍👍

Hey so my son and I got around to playing your game. Over all it was a fun game. The aiming is spot on and controlled very well. Somethings we found off was not being able to use two hands on the two handed weapons. Also the machine gun in the first level seemed a little to powerfull. Another thing is the characters are very large and make you feel very small. Other then that it was an easy to control and learn game that was fun to play.

1. The designs of characters and elements look solid. The dancing guy at the was hilarious. Keep the comedy!
2. Add another anchor point for two handed weapons.
3. Add a damage effect on the player's H.U.D. to indicate the player has been hit.                                    
4. Add moving non-human elements to levels to give the level a bit more "life." I.E. birds, squirrels, moving vehicles. Also consider leaves, wind particles, plastic bags ect.
5. Add a magnetic effect on the weapons the player uses that allows the weapons to "spring" to the players hand if they are within a certain distance. This prevents players from trying to pick up a weapon off the floor too fast and damaging their controllers.  on the floor.
6. Though the reload button is convenient, active reload grants more immersion for the player.
Last one: 7. Find a way to encourage the player to mix up the weapons given. Once I got the AK, that's all I used. If the weapons had a re-spawning ammo capacity over time, the player would be mix it up. That in of itself is a fun mini-game.
Cheers Mate! Green job, keep going, you got my support.

Good -
- Love the low poly graphic I think it makes things much more comfortable to consume
- Love the user interface where you merge level 1 and gaming mechanics into one, so I will not feel that I wasted my time.
- The reloading is special to me, as I played contractor I need to draw my mag and reload. For yours, it's simple and easy for first-timer VR user as it is only a button away.
- The whole experience felt like an arcade game, fast and manageable.
Weapon selection is only three now, which I think you'll have more in the future.
-Currently, the handling felt great. Easy to aim too.
- Love the element where you add in bot teammates beside, so you'll not feel alone.
Bad -
- Might want to change opening screen logo, as it has nothing to do with the game and doesn't excite users to look out for what's coming. Maybe a masthead of the main character holding the weapon with building behind and low poly explosion? (Building up excitement is the key)
- I crouch using the button, and it sends me to the floor level, which is not realistic, so I prefer to couch on my own. Might want to set height calibration for users before they start the game so screen height will be balanced out.
- I tried standing and taking all the bullets throughout one game, and I'm alive after completing level 1.
- I was hoping to see some blood splatter, that might just be me. Even low poly blood works for me.
Overall good job I must say, looking forward to level 2 and more.

its great
a solid shooter
if the commander didnt talk so often it would be a tad less annoying but other than that its pretty good
also on the controls board it says crouth and not crouch
it would be cool if you could hold guns with both hands if that wasnt already added

Hi Itzik just tried it and really like it.
My points I like are:
Easy to get into so a good quick get in and play feel to it which to me with VR is important if you want a quick game it would be one of the top in my list to pick up and quickly play.
Good graphics although characters maybe need slightly better physics and voice acting?
The pistols aiming mechanics are really good and feel you need to train to perfect it so replayability for that is good.
The shock of a guy appearing at the window was great, was just reloading at that point! Be good to have a few more like that.
The bugs I found or at least observations I made are:
Be good to hold guns with both hands
AK47 fires like a minigun, be good to have it fire more realistically and have sights you can aim down.
Sniper rifle would be goot have a scope or iron sights to aim down.
Enemies AI they move and hide and duck would be good, maybe put burnt out cars or even ones you can explode and take enemies out with.
Grenades or flashbacks would be fun too!
There is a spell typo on the diagram showing your controls, should say crouch on it, it says something else.
Some sort of score board or kill count would be good.
All round solid game and look forward to seeing other levels.

Hi Itzik, just played Operation Serpens. I've got to say I'm really impressed with what you've made so far. Honestly I didn't expect it to be this good! (Based on nothing really). It was a pleasant suprise to find this level of completeness, although it is 'just' one level. I had really fun to shoot em up, just like a shooting gallery.
The guy that climbed up the balcony and appeared right in front of my face really freaked me out, really added some fun. Loved the aquarium and other gimmicks in the scenery, like the girls walking around. I laughed my a$$ of when the game was over and the enemies were dancing!!
Just keep up the good work. Not really critics from my side, since I'm no developer. I had just really good fun playing your game (and will continue to do so)

my final view: I had a lot of fun repeating this first level three times, clearly we're having fun, we're letting off steam. The graphics are well done and the actions are very simple. No harm of RV since we stay on a static position, the enemies arriving from the front (but from all sides).
A perfect game to learn solo FPS without headache. So yes, the game could gain realistic gameplay by adding more complex weapon handling and ballistics, but the only thing I really missed was being able to hold rifles or machine guns with both hands.

Hi Itzak, just tried it.
Conguratulations on a good start. Here are my goods and not so goods:
+ Very comfortable overall experience.
+ Scale and distance works really well, especially for the building accross the street.
+ Performance is great,  there was no lags or glitches
+ The graphics and animations look stylized and smooth
- The depth of the info text is behind the hands but they appear in front. This confuses the eyes and puts a strain on focusing
- I guess this probably is a one man attempt but the voice-over becomes repetitive quickly. It would be better if he actually spoke out when a hostile was about to climb over and take you down. Otherwise it's a bit distracting.
- I don't know if it is because of my height (I'm 1.92) but the aim of the pistol is off, and it's actually shooting about half a meter above where I'm aiming. Maybe you can add an adjustment level where the user can make test shots and adjusts the aim of the guns. This might be like a mini game?
Thanks for taking the time and sharing this with the community. Looking forward to new levels and revisions to the game.

Hello, yes we played it this morning. Not bad.Here are my "issues".
1.On the main menu crouch is spelled crouth
2.I think that the enemy bullets need to be slowed down so that dodging is possible. And when this is implimented, the amount of shots needed to kill the player needs to be much less than it is.
3. The A.I is a little too basic. Maybe ducking down behind/from the side of the window ledges..whilst the enemies on the ground could hide behind crates etc. At the moment it is a bit dull. There are 3 age ranges i tested it on. My 5 year old, my 10 year old and me...Old enough to know better

Yes, but not much. I plan on getting some more time in today. It's pretty good from what I've seen so far, the only change I would to see is being able to hold rifles with both hands. Apart from that, I love the concept of it.

Hi - Sarah’s husband here - we’ve both tried it and found it good and also got some comments for you !  I’m a tester on other games so don’t take these to heart - they’re to help you get it better 😉
You need to add recoil to the weapons
Reloading should take more than a button press - need to get a mag and insert it after ejecting the spent one
The rate of fire on the ak is mental- needs to be slowed
The amount of rounds in the ak is unrealistic
You need to be able to grip rifles with 2 hands - reducing the recoil when you do .... same with pistols
Graphics on soldiers is sketchy - especially the hands
Commanders lips should move
Amount of enemies in round 1 is too many but not enough variation in their attack
No locomotion- Should be able to move about the room ..... maybe to another window
Should be able to holster sidearms on hips and rifle on back
Would enjoy more weapons and free choice as to which one to use - it’s a bit guided at the most
No grenades !  Why ?
Enemies could have smoke grenades
No damage in the room as enemies shoot in
Just a few comments to get you started !!!
Hope this helps

Yes I have sorry for late response. I love it, could have believed it was a arcade game fro. The legit store. Only notes for criticism is the minor audio glitches. But besides that it played smoothly, the bullets went where I wanted them too
Super pumped for more levels to be released

first of all, graphics are very well done. like the light effects of the guns too. love the big boobed girls on the street in the beginning and would rather like to watch and "comunicate" with them than with the army guys ;D
gameplay feels pretty good so far, means, aming works great
what i dont like is the "randomness" you get hit by the enemies. i totally would prefer if:
i would have less energy... maybe even one shot kill. but if their bullets would be slower like i could dodge them more or less easily
i mean immo its rather an arcade game than something super seriouse and super real so that would be fine and would just add a lot more challange to it
also i do like games which are getting me moveing like pistol whip and space pirate trainer
multiplayer would be super cool too. would love to play it side by side with my GF
so summry- i think it has a lot of potential, just the gameplay mechanics need to get twaked in my opinnion. a bit of dodging and less health would enheance the challange a lot!
...and i am kinda jelly. would love being able to programm games like this
as i said....i think the base is already there and there IS potential for it to become really great
...bossfights would be cool too
big guys or panzers or robots, where you have to shoot certain areas (parts) of it to get it finally down
...and let it be a big boobed girly millitary operation instead of boring guys xD
if you need arcady styled music hit me up, i am music producer and VR intusiast so maybe i could help you regarding that

bro, so far, congrats dude. it was a really enjoyable experience. it made me want to keep playing it. i would say you should add being able to hold a gun with both hands, if yk what i mean. all in all a really great wave shooter and i cannot wait to see where it goes.  

Character animations like enemies falling, or them moving in the base is great, bullet impact on the floor is great too.
Weapon sounds could be a little more agressive
the ak sounds a bit like fireworks
is there a way to reload the sniper by pulling the bolt or is it reloading the mag after every shot
are you adding gripping the weapons with 2 hands?
This really has potential and gives lightgun vibes

Thank you and your team for the efforts, i enjoyed game, a few personel observations:
Found the rifles a little bit awkward not being able to hold / steady the rifle with the other hand. The aiming of the sight to round landing was quite accurate.
The game has an arcade feel which is quite appealing however I'm unsure if it would become boring as the game progressed. Think the sub titles aren't needed but if they were kept, positioned at the bottom of the view. Minor point sniper rifle with a mag but only 1 round. I found the effect of in coming of bullets, making me crouch lasted for a few minutes then i mostly remained standing up as I was not bothered by incoming. Maybe a more visual effect blood splatter in view losing visibility for a second, vibration in handsets or both. Hope this helps. Think the game has potential to be a fun arcade style shooter. Will have another go tomorrow evening and give more feedback if applicable. Thank you

Hi, I played the demo level and reallly enyoyed it. I absolutely love the artstyle. Now some tips to improve it:
1: Reloading your weapons in a realistic way (taking a mag from e.g your chest and putting it in the gun)
2: For future levels i would love to see movement even if it is just between fixed points (like in the Bullet Train Demo on Oculus store)
3: Sometimes the hitbox of the electric wires blocked my bullets, its not a big deal but with the sniper it was somewhat annoying.
4: Some kind of weapon upgrade system to improve the guns for later levels with harder enemys.
That was it from my side. If you have any newer demos you would like to get tested I´m here for you. And keep up the great work.

היי, שיחקתי את השלב שיש במשחק, ממש נהנתי!
בהתחלה היה קצת קשה לכוון ולהתחמק אבל מאוד נהנתי מהשלב ומארסנל הנשקים בו

במחשק מהיר של שעה +-
1. נראה נהדר - מן מצוייר משעשע כזה, הזכיר לי את הסרט הזה של פעם של החיילים.
2. ההסבר על הקיר מעולה
3. הדמויות קצת גדולות
4. הרייפל ממש רגיש לתזוזות
5. שאני מתכופף הוא ממש בריצפה
6. כל פעם שאני נפסל הוא חוזר להתחלה והשם של המפקד. שנפסלים כמה פעמים זה מתחיל להתיש
7. הכדורים עוברים דרך קירות.. זה אמור להיות ככה?
8. הבחור שקפץ עלי ממש הבהיל אותי וזה מעולה

אהבתי את השיפורים. נראה טוב יותר.
הייתי עושה את הכדורים גדולים יותר שיהיה קל יותר לראות אותם ולהתחמק.
והגלים של האוייבים ארוכים מדי.
צריך מדי פעם אזרחים שעוברים באמצע,
או משהו מצחיק כמו פרה שרצה באמצע המשרד...

טוב אז שיחקתי
המשחק לא פשוט היה לי קשה לא עברתי את השלב הראשון
מה ששיגע אותי שכל פעם נפסלים שוב זה מתחיל מהתחלה ושוב הטקסטים
חוץ מזה אחלה משחק

המשחק עובד חלק על הcv1 שלב ראשון ושני עובדים בלי בעיות. השני קצת קשה אבל אם תרגול אפשר לעבור ניראה לי. הכי חסר לי זה היכולת להסתובב עם הגויסטיק.
צריך לעשות תיקון לגובה (ראיתי את זה בכמה משחקים) אני גובה ממוצע אבל בשלב הראשון הייתי צרייך ממש לצאת מחלון כדי להרוג את הגל הראשון שיוצא ממתחת לחלון. אולי לעשות איזה alternative controls כי היה לי מאוד לא נוח לטעון את הנשק מחדש.
חוץ מזה המשחק פשוט כייפי רציתי לחזור לנסות שוב כשמתתי.
והכי חשוב! השוטגאן לא יורה ברסס!?!

תראה זה נראה נחמד אבל צריך להוסיף אולי אנימציה לדיבור או לגלגלים של המכוניות אני יודע שזה רק בהתחלה אבל תשפר תהיה יותר מכולם וחוץ מזה עבודה לא רעה והאיכות נראת טובה למשהו שירוץ על קוואסט

היי. שיחקתי עכשיו. ממש חמוד!
כמה הערות בונות:
1. האווירה הקרטונית מעט הומוריסטית וזה טוב.
2. הכדורים עפים אלין נורא מהר. והמם משולשים משום מה... שיעופו לאט יותר שאוכל להתחמק.
3. חסר היכולת לתפוס את הרובים הארוכים ביד השניה כדי לכוון.
4. משהו בסאוד של היריות לא נשמע טוב. במיוחד בקלצ'ניקוב.
5. חסר לי איזה תרחיש עם אקשן מער ללמעמות ולירות:
תן לסתבובב בחדר (אפילו קפיצה בין 2-3 עמדות) ויכולת לעבור מחלון לחלון לשפר עמדה.
תן איזה תרחיש מתגלגל כדוגמת הפושע שבורח וצריך לנסות לפגוע בו...
בקלות אפשר לעשות משהו בסיסי.
יש פוטנציאל
הגל האחרון הרגיש קצת ארוך מדי.
הייתי שמח מתישהו לטוויסט שיש מרגל בחדר שיורה עלי.
אהבתי שמישהו מטפס על החלון שלי

קצת מוזר ה 3 שניות הראשונות שהסמל קם מהספה וניראה שהו מסתכל על השחקן אבל הראש לא מרגיש מחובר לגוף שלו (אולי שיתקדם לשחקן באלכסון או משהו)
כמו שאמרתי הסניפר ניראה נשק שהו לא סניפר (להוסיף לו סוג של כונת או לגרום לשחקן לרצות ביכלל לכון ולא לסמוך על הליזר יגרום לעבודה להיות יותר מורגשת
אין תזוזה במשחק (לא יודע אם באג או שזה ככה )
ניסיתי לשחק בתור שחקן יושב ואין לי את האופציה חיייב לעמוד
וכשאני עומד אני חייב גם לזוז כלומר חדר קטן למשחק הזה לא בא בחשבון כי הסניפר בינה אחת והקלצניקוב בינה אחרת (עיגול של אוקילוס כן מספיק)
חסר איזה אינטרציה למלות חיים אולי איזה אויבים שמילים תיקים שיורים עליהם ומקבלים חיים ניסיתי להתופף כדי ליראות מה קורה ואני מבין שהאויבים פשוט לא עושים כלום שאני לא מול החלון "קצת מוזר" כי יש עוד "2" חיילים שאיתי בחדר ותומכים בי עם קו אש
ואין דרך לישאר במשחק כמו שאמרתי אם החיים הולכים חבל שאין אוציה למילוי או משהו כדי לסחוף את האנשים נימה (להוסיף גם טבלה של שיא גדי לצבור תחרות וכו
היה מאוד נחמד לשחק !! ורואים את ההשקע כל הכבוד !!! תצליח

אהלן איציק,

סיימתי לשחק עכשיו את שני השלבים (שלב שני פעמיים), וקודם כל מאוד נהניתי, ויותר מזה - מרגיש כמו חוויית משחק מלאה, כזו שאתה שוכח את עצמך בה.
אה, ושיחקתי על הקווסט.

פתיח ומבואה
הלוגו מגניב
Serpens זה טעות כתיב - אם הכוונה לנחש. זה אמור להיות Serpent. אבל אני רואה עכשיו שקיימת קונסטילציית כוכבים שכן נקראת Serpens (ונראית כמו נחש) - גם אם זו הכוונה, אני חושב שרבים יחשבו שזו טעות כתיב (וזה קצת באסה בטייטל של המשחק)
מבואת המשחק מגניבה.
אהבתי את המודלים של החיילים (cartoon מוגזם כזה), ושכל אחד עושה משהו.
זה שמישהו מסתכל עלי גם עזר לי להכנס למשחק
בהתחלה חשבתי שראיתי באנג על השולחן, אבל אני מניח שזה סיגר :)
הטקסט באינטרו הרגיש לי נמוך מדי. הייתי צריך להתאמץ כדי לקרוא אותו (ולהזיז את הראש לא עוזר - רק את העיניים צריך שיסתכלו מאוד למטה)
מאוד אהבתי את הסצנה בחוץ עם כל החיילים שהולכים, ועל הגגות וכו'. אמהמה - הייתי בטוח שאני בצוות שלהם. שזה כוח ימ"מ מיוחד שמחכה להכנס לאיזה בניין, וכל הכוחות הם שלנו. כמובן הופתעתי שהייתי צריך להתחיל לירות בכולם.

שלב ראשון
בירייה הראשונה שהרגתי מישהו - מכוון עם רובה צלפים טוב טוב - היתה קפיצה במשחק לשנייה. הרגיש כאילו הוא טען asset כלשהו רק שהרגתי אותו, אז היה גליץ' קצר. אחר כך לא חזר על עצמו, אבל בתור חוויית הירייה הראשונה היה קצת אנטי קליימטי.
ה reload הפשוט ממש כיף. שיחקתי במשחקים שזה שילוב מורכב של פעולות, ופה הרגיש נכון שבקליק אחד אטען את הנשק
שמתי לב שאפשר לירות באוטומט, לא להרפות מההדק, וללחוץ reload, ככה שחוץ מזמן הטעינה הוא יורה כל הזמן. זה הרגיש לי טיפה cheat, ושבמינימום מצופה ממני להפסיק לירות ולטעון מדי פעם
במהלך השלב הראשון תהיתי איך אני מתרפא. אני רואה bar health יורד, אבל לא ברור לי איך להעלות אותו. (ואם הבנתי נכון אין אופצייה כזאת)
שהורגים את האנשים שקופצים מהגג הם קצת עוצרים באמצע האוויר. האנימציה לא מסתדרת כ"כ.
השמחה של החיילים בסוף מסך היא מעולה. הצחיק אותי מאוד

שלב שני
היה כיתוב shoot at the picture of who you want to play.... ולקח לי קצת זמן להבין שזה מאחורי (כי הסתכלתי על המטווח). אולי כשמשהו ממש מאחוריך, החץ יכול להפוך לכיתוב behind you או חיווי אחר, כי החץ למטה לא כ"כ ברור
לקחתי את הנשק וריססתי את כל האנשים במבואה - אז מה שקרה כמובן זה שבחרתי מסך לשחק בו (הראשון בטעות עוד פעם). אולי כדאי לוודא שהנשק מכוון קודם למטרה נגיד שנייה, לפני שאוטומטית מקבלים את בחירת השלב

שלב ראשון שוב
בפעם שנייה ראיתי בחורה חתיכה עוברת את הכביש. זה כיף (אם כי שובניסטי/שטחי מצידי)
רציתי לצאת מהשלב הראשון שנפתח בטעות, אבל בגלל שאין אקדח בהתחלה הייתי חייב לחכות לעבור את כל הדיבורים כדי לצאת מהמסך
גם מאוד רציתי / הרגיש לי טבעי להחזיק את השלט של המבוקש התורן. הייתי מצפה שאני יכול לקחת להתבונן יותר מקרוב, ואז להחזיר לקיר
העדשה של רובה הצלפים לא מגדילה את התמונה. דמיינתי לראות תווי פנים מקרוב, אבל אין את זה.
הקונספט של התפריט שיורים בו טיפה בעייתי, כי אשכרה צריך לכוון בשביל לפגוע במה שרוצים. אולי מספיק שהכפתורים יוארו כשמכוונים אליהם כדי שתדע אם אתה על הכפתור או לא (אולי זה כבר קורה, לא זוכר). כמעט ופספסתי את exit כשניסיתי לצאת

שלב שני הפעם באמת
במבואה ניסיתי לירות במטרה שלי עד הסוף. היה קשה ומאתגר אבל כיף. בסוף הצלחתי והרגיש שהיה צריך להיות איזה "זיקוקים", או לפחות שיגיד לך כל הכבוד או משהו
כמובן שניסיתי לירות במטרה של חבר שלי לידי. ציפיתי שהוא יגיד משהו סטייל "come on / stop that / hey thats my target" וכו'
במטווח הרגשתי צורך לחבר את שתי הידיים. כלומר להחזיק אקדח כמו שמחזיקים במציאות, כשיד אחת תומכת בשנייה. יש את זה ב alyx, וזה עוזר לתחושת המציאות והמגניבות של להחזיק אקדח. (אפשר לעשות משחקית גם שהנשק יותר יציב במצב הזה). גם ללא חיווי של זה במשחק בפועל ככה יריתי במטווח כשהצלחתי להביא את המטרה עד הסוף.
במבואה כשאתה יורה על החברים שלך - סימני הירי הלבנים לא מרגישים נכון על דמויות. לא חושב שצריך להשפריץ דם, כי זה אווירה קלילה, אבל שפחות יראו כאילו ירית בקיר איכשהו
יאללה ליידי פייתון
גם את הפוסטר שלה ניסיתי להחזיק ביד כדי להסתכל מקרוב יותר
חמוד החייל שהולך כשנפתחת המעלית
וקצת ביחד עם זה - במעלית לא הבנתי איפה אני אמור להסתתר. יש כיתת יורים שלמה, ואין לי לאן לזוז. בהקשר הזה היה טוב שבפועל מעט יריות פגעו בי
האם במסך הזה יש באמת סיכוי להתחיל עם שני הנשקים הלא אוטומטיים? הרגיש לי שהרובה האיטי או האקדח לגמרי לא מתאימים לקומה הראשונה. היה נחמד שבדרך לקומה השנייה והשלישית הרובים התפרקו
ה swarm-יות של המשחק מאוד כיפית. כלומר העובדה שבאים גלים על גבי גלים של חיילים.
ו... מתתי. היה טיפה שובר חוויה שכתוב בבת אחת Game Over. מרגיש שצריך להשקיע יותר בויזואליות של זה. (אבל אולי אני סתם לא יודע להפסיד 😁)
כיף שהחיילים קופצים ושמחים כשמתתי. גם הצחיק אותי

שלב שני ניסיון שני
ניסיתי לירות בעצמי בראש. הוא לא נותן (לפעמים היכולת הזאת יכולה להיות כיף ולפעמים להציק. סתם מציין)
הרגשתי שהמון יריות שהיו אמורות לפגוע בי לא פגעו בי. בשלב מסויים נעמדתי ונתתי לכולם לירות עלי. בפועל נפגעתי מעט מאוד. הרגיש שרק כדורים שפגעו בי בין העיניים אשכרה פגעו, ואם הכדור הגיע לעומת זאת ללחי או למצח - זה כבר פספס אותי.
מרגיש לא מציאותי, אבל מן הסתם תורם למשחקיות יותר זורמת.
בעודי עומד ומתבונן באויבים, שמתי לב שלחלקם יש אנימציית החלפת מחסנית למרות שלנשק שלהם אין שם מחסנית (לאלה שכן יש אז אומנם המחסנית לא יוצאת מהמקום, אבל זה מילא)
במציאות התחלתי להתקרב לקיר ולקבל מכות. כשעשיתי re-center (לחיצה ארוכה על מקש ה oculus) הופעתי בתוך עגלת הניקיון - ככה שהייתי צריך לזוז קצת ובעצם שוב להתקרב לקיר שבמציאות.
מחשבה - אולי איזה חיווי progress כלשהו שתדע אם אתה קרוב לסוף שלב או לא. (לא בטוח שצריך)

שלב שני קומה שנייה
היה מפתיע ונחמד שהנשק התפרק
כיף שהם קמים לתחייה
עיצוב המשרד גם מצויין
בחדר האחורי מולך, יש שמשות זכוכית בצדדים. מאוד ניסיתי לירות דרכן באויבים, אבל הן עמידות לגמרי. הרגיש קצת שבור...
לפעמים הרגיש שאני נפגע סתם. שמישהו שאין לי קו ישיר איתו מצליח לירות בי דרך הקירות. לא בטוח אבל שזה המצב.
הבן אדם שניסה ללכת "בשקט בשקט" הצחיק אותי מאוד מאוד :)
ציפיתי לפוצץ יותר חפצים במשרד - האגרטל על השולחן, מאוורר תקרה אולי וכו'.

שלב שני קומה שלישית
הבחורה הראשונה שרואים סקסיטית מדי. זה אומנם כיף לגבר, אבל אפילו אני הרגשתי כבר החפצה יתר. אולי זה הזמנים הרגישים שלנו...
היה חסר לי חיווי של פגיעה בבוסית. לא היה לי ברור מתי אני פוגע ומתי לא (נניח health bar מעל הראש שלה). מתישהו הבנתי שהיא פולטת אנחה כזאת כשפוגעים בה, אז לא הבנתי למה לפעמים אני כן שומע את זה ולפעמים לא.
הרגשתי שאני פוגע בקיר, עד שפתאום היא מתה...
לגבי המדד של Accuracy - הוא לא הכי ברור. כלומר אני מניח שזה אחוז פגיעות מתוך יריות, אבל זה משמעות אחרת מ health - אז מוזר לראות אותם ביחד. נניח את health הייתי רואה יחד עם ammo - שניהם מדדים של משהו מתכלה.
ה accuracy זה סתם ציון משחק, שאין באמת צורך לראות אותו במהלך המשחק. אולי כסיכום בסוף שלב.
אולי אפשר שאם נניח לא מפספסים 10 יריות ברצף עוברים לאיזו מוד טורבו לכמה שניות, או עד שמפספסים ירייה. אז תהיה משמעות משחקית ל accuracy

שלב שני ניסיון שלישי
אני במשחק התכופפתי במציאות הרבה כדי להתחמק מכדורים. פעם אחת בטעות לחצתי גם על כפתור ההתכופפות, ואז הראש נהיה בגובה הרצפה (כלומר הוא פעמיים "מתכופף"). כדי לדעתי לחסום גובה מינימלי
מתישהו באמצע המשחק הוא פשוט יצא למסך הראשי. אני מאמין שמה שקרה זה שיריתי לכל מקום, וכנראה פגעתי גם בתפריט, ובכפתור ה restart level. ממליץ להגן על זה איכשהו. יכול להיות מאוד מאוד מתסכל לסיים שלב ככה באמצע בטעות.
אחרי שהורגים את הבוסית, לוקחים לך את הנשקים אבל האנשים ממשיכים לירות בך. אתה אומנם לא נפגע ומגיעים חיילים שלך להשתלט על המצב, אבל הרגיש לי שבור בשתי הפעמים שסיימתי שהם ממשיכים לירות ואני לא יכול לעשות כלום.

מאוד התרשמתי ויש לי כמה נקודות.
1. ממליץ ליצור נקודות במשחק בהן המשחק נשמר (אחרי שאתה הורג גל מסויים של אוייבים שהמשחק יישמר ומשם תתחיל אם תמות).
2. אני מנחש שזה יותר עמוק מזה אבל עניין הטעינה של הנשקים, כדאי שזה יהיה טעינה שאתה שולט בה, זה יוצר חוויה יותר מלאה של המשחק.
3. בסנייפר שהכוונת תיהיה נקודה, ושהקו הירוק שיוצא מהקנה לא יופיע, ככה זה יותר גורם לך להסתכל מהכוונת עצמה לראות איפה אתה יורה; הנוסף בכוונת לעשות שהיא בעצם תגדיל (לקחת את החלק שהכוונת עצמה רואה, וליצור תמונה מוגדלת על הכוונת).
4. חשוב מאוד! בפעם הראשונה שהפעלתי את המשחק המשקפיים שלי היו לא על הראש שלי,ואז כששמתי אותן על הראש המשחק היה נראה מוזר ורק כשיצאתי ונכנסתי מהמשחק זה עבד, אני מעריך שהפתרון לזה הוא שהחישוס של הגובה והמיקום של השחקן ייקרה כל פעם גם כשמשתמש מוריד ומחזיר את המשקפיים, ככה הכיול ייקרה כל פעם שהשחקן שוב רואה את המשחק ובוודאות הוא יקבל את המיקום הנכון שלו.
אהה ומשהו נוסף
5. שהיריות של האויבים יהיו טיפה יותר רנדומליים, ליצור מעיין עיגול סביב המשתמש שעליו הם יורים ולא על המשתמש ספציפית, ככה זה ייראה יותר מציאותי ולא שהם תמיד פוגעים

כן, אז ככה:
שלב ראשון(מהחלון לרחוב) - הייתי שמח אם היתה אפשרות לדלג על ההדרכה הראשונית אחרי פעם אחת שעברתי אותה כבר.
הreload בלחיצת כפתור מאד נוח, במיוחד בגלל שאתה צריך לירות כמעט כל שניה.
הייתי שמח אם יותר מחבלים היו מטפסים וקופצים לי מול הפנים, זה היה מלחיץ וכיף.
שלב שני(המעלית) - לא הבנתי איך לצלוח את השלב הזה חח, לקחתי 2 רובים באחד יריתי צרור עד שהמחסנית מתרוקנת לכל כיוון ואת השני טענתי והחלפתי ביניהם כדי שכל הזמן יהיה אש, זה עבד ממש טוב וכל הזמן חיסלתי חיילים, השתדלתי לא לירות באזרחים גם ובכל זאת על פעם מתתי 😞
רימון יד היה עוזר להתמודד עם עומס של אויבים
חוץ מזה ממש נהנתי, הגרפיקה מגניבה, האנימציות מדליקות, כיף ממש לירות ולחסל אויבים וגם הסיפור מגניב

ראשית המשחק ממש חמוד. מאוד אהבתי את החלוקה של הפנים והחוץ. נראה שיש הרבה מה לעשות בחדר לפני שניגשים לחלון. והתחושה הכללית היא משכנעת - אני ממש צלף אמיתי בבניין אמיתי (ולא סתם חדר פונקציונאלי).
אני לא בטוח כמה מהמשחק חוויתי (פתאום הוא הסתיים לי GAME OVER) אבל אכתוב על בסיס השלבים ששיחקתי ואמשיך לשחק יותר מאוחר
הנה כמה מחשבות על המשחקיות
האויבים הרגישו לי מכניים מדי - גלים מדוייקים וסידור ברווחים ובגבהים שווים הופכת אותם לLESS HUMANS.  קצת אקראיות יכול לתת תחושה יותר אנושית ואמיתית ואתגר משחקי יותר מעניין.
את הרובה לא הצלחתי להחזיק בשתי ידיים. ולחזיק רובה צלפים ביד אחת זה לא מרגיש נכון. רועד, (אולי פספסתי משהו)
המכניקה של הטעינה לא עבדה לי היא דומה מדי לכריעה (כפתור ליד) ומעט מבלבלת (אנימציה / סאונד). מצאתי את עצמי לוחץ על הטעינה ועל הכריעה (כפתור לידו) באופן ספוראדי ולא תמיד עם קשר למשחק. הייתי בודק אפשרות להחליף את מכניקת הטעינה (שבילבלה יותר אפילו ברובה) למשל לטעינה אוטומטית (עם cooldown) או לחבר אותה לכריעה (כל פעם שאני מתחבא אני טוען) - אפשרות נוספת טעינה על ידי כיוון  הנשק לריצפה pistol whip.
הדמויות בחדר איתך מגניבות ממש אבל גם די מוזרות - rag dolls - האם הם נועדו לmultiplayer? הייתי שמח לראות ולשמוע אותן יותר גם בתוך המשחק ולא רק בOn boarding. שיחלקו הוראות, יפצעו, יכעסו, יריעו וכו'.
לאורך כל המשחק לא הרגשתי מספיק מאויים. לא ידעתי מתי להתחבא ולאיזה צורך. רציתי לראות את רשף הרובה שיורה עלי, להרגיש כדורים מזמזמים ליד האוזן, דברים בחדר מתנפצים. דוקא החיווים של הפגיעות שלי היו טובות ועזרו לי לכוון.
יתכן שהפלטפורמה גבוהה מעל הקרקע והתוקפים או רחוקים (בבניין ממול) או למטה על הכביש. שדה הקרב צפוף מדי למשחק סנייפר אבל מופרד מדי למשחק MELEE  / זומבים). אם המשחק הוא כוח רתע אז אולי כדאי להוסיף כוחות נוספים שמנסים להשתלט על הבניין ממול ואתה צריך להגן עליהם..
לא הבנתי מה / מי הרג אותי…  אני צריך לשחק שוב
מקווה שהצלחתי לתרום משהו בסנט וחצי הזה... בכל אופן נהנתי לשחק. מוזמן לשלוח לי עוד משחקים שתעשה.. בהצלחה!

אז שיחקתי אתמול - היה ממש כיף!
אהבתי מאוד את הסגנון וההומור, והתחושה הכללית של בערך להיות רמבו 🙂
שני דברים קטנים שחשבתי עליהם - הסאונדים בשלב הראשון חוזרים על עצמם (אלו שעומדים לידך אומרים אותם דברים כל הזמן) ואולי הייתי שמח לאיזשהו חיווי ל-כמה נשאר לי (כמה עוד גלי אויבים). או שזה קיים ופספסתי?
היו כמה גליצ'ים ויזואליים: הידיים של המבוקש הראשון היו עקומות לדעתי, היו פה ושם קצת בעיות ragdoll של גופות שעפו בצורות לא הגיוניות, במטווח בתחנה לא הבנתי למה המטרה זזה קדימה ואחורה בזמן שאני יורה עליה
לא הצלחתי לעבור את השלב עם הבחורה, אנסה שוב היום כנראה
הייתי בחדר, אז לא היה מרחב תנועה גדול מדי להתחמקות מכדורים

שמע, הדמויות אחלה, יש הרבה הומור והמעטפת כולה עושה רושם טוב. מבחינתי המשחק עצמו הרגיש ארוך וסתמי. השלב השני היה ממש מייגע ומעייף. מספר האויבים היה מוגזם לטעמי ולא פרופורציונאלי אז פשוט ריססתי לכל הכיוונים. מאד מעייף.
הרגע היחיד שדווקא הפתיע, זה פתאום שטיפסו חיילים מהחלון בשלב הראשון וזה שבר את הסטגנציה
ואז זה עובד יותר כמו Horde
בכל מקרה, שאפו 🙂
אגב, מכיוון שזה מצועצע ממילא GI Joe סטייל, אפשר להוסיף אלמנטים שצריך לירות בהם - powerups, מגנים וכו'..
וזה שובר את המונוטוניות
שוב, בעיני יש תשתית מצויינת. משהו במשחקיות צריך עוד עבודה. לפוצץ בלונים באותו צבע כולם יכולים, אבל קאנדי קראש יש אחד

OPERATION SERPENS Oculus quest: Be part of an elite team!
Today, I'm going to present a new shooter, it's called OPERATION SERPENS on Oculus quest.
In this game, you are part of an elite team, it all starts with your leader who gives you a mission. You will have to rid the streets of dangerous gangsters by any means, even the most expeditious.
All this will be the pretext for a huge firing range where many enemies will attack you in turn.
Fortunately, you will have many weapons at your disposal. This will go from the sniper rifle, through pistols or even a machine gun.
Armed with this real arsenal, you will have to kill all the enemies as quickly as possible, to move on to the next mission.
However, for the moment, the game only offers one but fortunately, the developer indicates that he will add a new one every two weeks.
It will therefore be necessary to see if these promises will be followed up, I will not fail to inform you.
In the meantime, I made a short video so you can see what this title has to offer.
If you are interested, you can download this application on Sidequest by clicking

I must say, so far it is a great game, I love the graphics and movement and the office scene with the characters is great. The ease of reloading makes it slick and improves the gameplay. With the sniper rifles and machine guns it would have been nice to hold the gun with both hands to steady the aim. Apart from the sniper I also think the aim may be slightly out and it would benefit in having a target/dot or crosshair.
The game play is fantastic and I liked the effect of the guards climbing to the window. Maybe don’t have all the enemy’s coming to the windows at the same time.
I hope this helps and happy to continue playing.

Looks super cool! Please include a lot of enviroment chances and (same account-) multiplayer for oculus quest, maybe even shared space.
Quest here (with link)

Liked the game. I like the G.I. Joe references without actually having to use the Licensing. Great Arcade feel. I almost jumped when the guy tried to come through the window at me. One thing that would be great is if the sniper gun had a scope. The machine gun was great and love the easy reload. Hope to see more levels and a boss at end would be great. Keep up the awesome work.

Yes and I am very impressed I think that it's already as good as alot of go games as it stands and could be on the go store or sidequest as is....I keep dying at the same time however no matter what there is no way to not get shot also a turn view option and walking with joystick would be great (I'm sure you've planned to implement that) and some hands and face of the main soldier tweaking.......it was very addictive and fun!

the opening snake logo is DOPE!!! It was eye catchy and because it was done very well graphically it kept me on my toes waiting to see what the game was going to look like
ok so I love the characters and the animation.
it took me forever to figure out how to load and shoot the sniper rifle....being an idiot. Sooo once I figured that out it wsa great. I had trouble aiming but I alwasy do when I start playing. Shooting the little guys was fun because they look hilarious...remeind me of old school games. I was totally shocked when I died and they started dancing.
Its definitely a game I woudl play over and over for shitsngiggles even with one level. I havent gotten very far..gotta learn to duck LOL

I tried the game, it’s really nice but I think if polish it and better handle for the guns it will be very good... good job and keep up the good work

Well, we tried your game.
First I have to say.. sorry for my English, I’m from the Netherlands, I understand English but writing is a bit difficult for me.
I tried it first. I don’t play a lot of shooting games, but my first impression was good! I like the graphics, it looks very nice. I didn’t make it past the double pistol part but that’s because I’m a bad shooter I think...
then my 15y old son tried it. He liked it a lot. He also liked the graphics and the gameplay, especially when the enemies came through the window 🤣. He hasn’t come further yet, but he wants to trie it again.
He was very positive, the only thing he missed was how he could heal himself. Is dat even possible? Or is the goal to make it trough the level without dying?
He only played it once, I guess when he’ll play it another time he will come further.
We are definitely positive about this game!

We made it through the first level. Even me The man coming through the window are quite scaring .
What I also want to say, It’s pretty comfortable, some other games makes me dizzy, or I’ll get motion sickness, this game doesn’t.
We are looking foreword tombe the next level. Good luck making it! Thanks for letting us play is!

Two testers:
ran it 6 times, one crash on boot it could be due to OS17 bugs.
It needs player height adjustment to the in game floor.
The position of the A button at the end of the test needs to be moved as it can be hardly seen.
Sniper needs a scope rather then a red/green laser, as you wouldn’t see it in bright daylight.
Two hand holding on it is a must. It will be better with a manual reload system.
Pistol targeting is slightly off.
Machine gun: need to change the audio file, two hand mode for holding and a manual reload.
Receiving enemy hits needs a more visual indicator.
points system for your hits would be good (head 10, torso 2, limbs 1)
body count tally.
Enemies who fall on the wires should have electric shock animation.

Konstantinos siampanis Feedback
I don’t know if you have polished the game yet I will point out some points.
1) Texture the buildings in the background
2) The animations of the general are far too many I was waiting to say something more because he was moving all the time and the animations were not synced with the story the first tow you had that came and show the picture were enough.
3) I don’t think you need subtitles for the speak of the general but if you put it in you must raised a bit more in the field of view of the player it was far two down I could not read them
4) Put the instructions on the first wall when the player is spawned, I click the B button and I thought that the game was broken because I could not see the instructions straight away, I restarted the game because of that.
5) Make the dug the B button a bit slower in the movement because it feels like a drop from somewhere like you jump from a window
6) The sound of the Ak 47 is way too of the sound keep replaying all the time and it does not sound like an AK 47.
7) The biggest drawback was the angle of the pistols you must set the pistol at 90 degrees along with the controller also at 90 degrees I was stretching my wrists all the way in the front to make the guns align with a 90 degrees angle Infront of me so I can make the aiming works, also I think the aiming is not working correctly because of that after a while my wrists were hurting and it was really uncomfortable.
8) In general, I liked the game and the looks of it remind me old games which brings good memories, I would like some form of points for the kills so I can keep a score or something based on time so it’s more competitive.
Nice job man keep it up.

Love the overall concept of the game.  Took us all a while to pickup and fire the first gun.   Would help to have floating instructions on the gun itself
The reloading was a bit cumbersome  we all wanted it to be fast
The matrix bullet effect would be great on the bullets coming toward us
And a red flash to know you are hit
Great work.  Looking forward to assisting

Love the shooting and the mix of the Enemies
The beginning with the wanted poster was nice
Would be cool to have a couple of smaller windows to move left and right with
To offer cover
We will all play more later and add to the feedback

Yes, played some. I liked the "pop in pop out mecanic" or simply the crouch button lol. I did not like how big guns where still operated with only one hand. As mush as I like shooting games, stationary shooting galleries are less entertaining to me than more active scenarios even on rail like time crisis or crisis vrigade where the scene evolves or changes more often. With it's current style, a dynamic indicator on enemies that are about to shoot could be fun like there was in virtual cop 2 (the old game by sega). The way the enemy spawns and interact feels a bit too simplistic, I feel I'm playing a mobile game click-shooter as it is. A pursuit map, sniper map, where your shooting condition changes and enemies feel more present in the decor would really enhance the whole vibe (now they just arrive and shoot, no real interaction with the cover around).

Played your game, dude.. awesome idea so far! I liked the angle and the wave structure. Guns are easily accessible and the aiming is good. Got right into it, the angle of the controller is just right when holding it. Did you use a graphics package or are these all yours?